Freedom Vision Project

The freedom festival project was made in order to share my vision of this nice place were I had the opportunity to stay for a week.
Such a great place to feel free and close to the nature.
Those images have been made to celebrate and in a way to say thank you to people who made it possible !

Time to eat !
A chilling space⠀
On my way to dance.
Riverside is getting my mind away
Am I taking that picture or is she ?
The energy of people
Chilling under the sun
A dancing alternative
Gettin’ sweetness
Let’s take a nap in this peaceful place⠀
Finding you path is what you need
People in a glitch
Can you see in the dark?⠀
Fairy days
Dance The Spiral Never Ending
The doggy path
Along the river⠀
Parallel world
Back to the sleeping place⠀
Should go shopping in this state ?

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